NeuroFeedback & Therapy Web Design

I designed a new website for Diane DeGiovine and Kimberlee Culver, LCSW. They specialize in Neurofeedback Therapy, which makes a positive difference for those who suffer with mental illness. For the website:

The Capital Region Heart Gallery 

I worked with a business who strives to find families for foster children they care for. I re-designed a website for them to help promote their business. To visit the site:


Insomnia Infographic

I worked with Ben Grace, motion designer, good friend and creator of Ambo Studios on this piece. We collaborated on this infographic as an independent project one summer to promote awareness about living the life as an insomniac. We decided on color treatment, typographic elements, layout, structure and illustration resulting in this creation. To see more of Ben's work : 

HEADER FONTS / TITLE :  Made by Designer Jonathan Branbrook




The Arts Center of the Capital Region

This is an advertisement postcard concept I made for The Arts Center of the Capital Region, located in Troy New York. The business wanted me to help advertise a weekend long event promoting creativity for families looking for hands on activity.


Garage Bands Event Posters

Albany Public Library hosts a summertime event promoting local bands to get together in the back garage area of the library to play music for free. When I showed them my strong interest in music provided in my work, they had me design these two event posters for their event.


Summer art program poster

The Sage College of Albany hosts a summer art and design program for high school students aspiring to pursue a career in Art. This is a promotional poster I designed for the college summer program.

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